Optional Equipment

Coolant Through Spindle/Tool

– Option 1: Pressure 4 Bars.
– Option 2: Pressure 7 bars.

Spraying System (minimum lubrication system with air+oil)

– For drilling/milling in profiles up to approximately 6 mm wall-thickness.
– Spraying-time and interval programmable in the CNC-control.

Paste-Shot System for Flowdrilling


Oil-Shot System for Threadforming

– Spraying-time and interval programmable by CNC-control.

Z Reader – Automatic System For Measuring  the Height of a Work Piece

– 100% accurate flowdrilling and countersinking.
– Tolerances in height of material and/or clamping systems are automatically compensated.
– Avoids crash of tool in case of eventual programming-mistakes. Max. allowed tolerance can be set in the parameters.

case the height of the product is out of tolerance the program will be interrupted and an error-message appears.
– Maximum tool-length 315 mm.

Movable Light Curtain Rear Movable Lightcurtain

– Possibility to enter the rear side of the machine for manual clamping when working in 2 stations.
– No requirement for fencing around machine.

GRD Models only

Light Curtain Y Direction Lightcurtain in Y-direction 

– Safety measure to protect operators climbing on the table for clamping parts on wider machines.
– Positioned 500mm above table bed.

GRD Models only

4th Axis Driver

– CNC Controlled.
– Includes self-centering 3-jaw chuck.
– The rotary table is mounted on table with linear guides for fast set-up.
– Option 1: Max Diameter 250 mm.
– Option 2: Max Diameter 400 mm.

BT 50 Spindle

– BT 50 automatic rotary toolchanger for 10 tools included.
– Toolchanger built directly into machine head.

Ref: Distance spindle-table 80-580 mm.

External Software Drillwin NJ13 DrillWin NJ13 External Software

– Write programs on external PC.
– Coordinate-programs.
– Depth-programs (drilling-cycles).
– Sequences.
– Programs can be saved on and loaded from the external PC through the Ethernet connection or USB-stick.
– The software is delivered with 2 licenses.

Drillcam DrillCam Programme Software

– Complete CAD-CAM software for converting 2D DXF, DWG, DSTV or 3D STEP, IGES files into ISO machine-programs.
– Loading of programs into the control of the machine through Ethernet connection or USB.
– RPM and feed of tools are automatically set based on programmable library for different types of tools and materials.

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