The CMA 3RD-CNC drilling center is the third generation of successful predecessor models used daily on all continents of the world. The machine is equipped with the latest generation industrial PC-control, servodrivers and servomotors produced by OMRON (Japan).

Which capabilities should a drilling-center offer?

  • Fast and easy drilling on the exact position (an incorrect positioned hole leads to problems during assembly and high additional costs).
  • Suitable for single-parts (1 or 2 holes drilled in manual-mode) and for small and large series.
  • Possibility to use conventional HSS-drills as well as modern Carbide-drills for fast production.
  • Production of (several) small as well as large workpieces.
  • Suitable for drilling, tapping, countersinking and flowdrilling.
  • Perform light milling-jobs to avoid products being clamped / set-up on different machines.

Unique features of the 3RD-CNC drilling-center:

  • Easy intuitive graphical programming, including GoTo-function in manual mode.
  • Free programming in ISO-language (G-codes), f.e. complex milling-shapes, threadmilling, use of special tooling like deburring-tools.
  • 2-axis interpolation on X/Y-axis, 3 axis interpolation for helical milling (X/Y/Z-axis).
  • Positioning-speed X-axis = 30 m/min., Y-axis = 30 m/min.
Model 3RD-3006 3RD-4506 3RD-6006 3RD-7506 3RD-9006 3RD-105-06
Spindle motor 8,9 kW, option 13,1 kW
Spindle type BT40 or CAT40
Length of table 3000mm 4500mm 6000mm 7500mm 9000mm 10500
Width of table 580mm
T-slots 3 T-slots 20mm, distance 250mm
Stroke X-axis 3000mm 4500mm 6000mm 7500mm 9000mm 10500
Stroke Y-axis 600mm
Stroke Z-axis 450mm
Spindle-table 150-600mm
Speed X-axis 30m/min
Speed Y-axis 30m/min
Speed Z-axis 9,6m/min
Weight 6000kg 7000kg 8000kg 9200kg 10200kg 11500kg
Max Drill and Tap 42mm Drill / M30 (using 13.1 Kw spindle motor)
Order Example 3RD 6006 / 8,9 / BT40 / 4000 rpm