CMA was founded in 1951 in Alzira, Spain, 36 km to the south of Valencia where we are working in a factory with more than 3.000 square meters and have now become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC Drilling Machines and tapping machines.

Custom made in house, these machine tools are built to order and are geared towards increasing efficiency and lowering production costs for our customers.

With bed sizes ranging from 3-25m’ on the x-axis, and 0.8-3m on the y-axis, this machine is capable of handling any and all parts that would enter a manufacturing facility. With Torque of 500Nm and spindle speed up to 6000RPM makes flexibility a key component.

What ensures CMA products stand out from other machine centres the most is the ability to work in ‘Pendulum Mode’ which allows for 100% spindle uptime.

This process lets the operator safely load/unload one side of the machine while the spindle is working on the other side, and vice versa.

We are pleased to invite you to consider our products which you may find personalised value added solutions to your projects.

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Automatic Drilling Machines


This kind of machines can give solution to work problems on large surface work pieces, furthermore drill multiple pieces in battery or in works which normally are been make with manual column or radial drilling machine or with a machining centre, like drilling tubes, plates.

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Tapping Machines


They are ideally suited for tapping large and multi-levels parts. With adjustable gas counter-balance springs, CNC operators can easily and quickly position the tap over the hole while the machining center works on the next piece. The tapping machine can be adjusted to stay where it is positioned or return the home position. The result is less operator strain and increased production.

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